EXLAG Pte Ltd, Singapore

Products & Services

External Consultation

We will provide you access to a deeper level of expertise to meet highest quality standards. With our experienced staff we support your projects in the very first phases. We provide you with sophisticated conceptual and design studies even before the system proper is developed.

Process Design

We provide block flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams on various design considerations.

Throughput rate, yield and product purity, constraints such as Safety, Capex, Space, operating and maintenance costs as well as waste production.

Process Equipment & Material

We work together with leading process equipment manufacturers and material suppliers to ensure you will get the best possible product with best price guarantee for your utilization. Please contact us for our detailed product portfolio.

Inspection & Service

Inspection and Expertise Service will be carried out in compliance with international, regional and local laws. This includes health and safety regulations appertaining to work in confined spaces, fire and explosion hazard areas while minimise downtime and avoid unplanned process interruptions.

Project Execution

We will monitor and control the system installation, construction and commissioning in all phases of the project as well as:

Contractor Pre‐qualification

Material Inspections

Installation Supervision

Project Scheduling – Primavera

Risk Assessment